Skrew 2020 Dozen in Red Box baking 12/28/20-1/3/21

Skrew 2020 Dozen in Red Box

Baking 12/28/20-1/3/21

We’re saying Skrew 2020, Cheers 2021 with our Skrew 2020 Dozen in Red Box. We know this year has been tough, and we’ve made it through, so treat yourself because you can & that’s your business! This dozen box includes 4 Boozy Cookie Cupcakes with Skrewball Whiskey, 4 Red Velvet with 2020 decs, and 4 Kir Royale with limited edition gold champagne flute decs. Enjoy all to yourself or gift to friends near and far, as we come together over Zoom & FaceTime to celebrate the holidays!


While there is just a hint of alcohol in the Boozy Cookie Cupcake and Kir Royale cupcakes, we recommend them just for adults.