Game of Thrones bake box with GOT themed cupcakes, cookies, brownies and frosting shots

Game of Thrones Bake Box

Available in-bakery only 5/17-5/19. While supplies last.

Game of Thrones bake box features the GOT cupcake—dragon fruit lemon cake, frosted with ice blueberry buttercream, finished with black cherry candy dragon glass adorned with the GOT logo. The box also includes:


  • 3 red velvet cupcakes (Targaryen sigil)
  • 3 vanilla cupcakes (Lannister sigil)
  • 3 dark chocolate cupcakes (Stark sigil)
  • 4 cookies
  • 4 brownies
  • 2 frosting shots–ice blueberry buttercream and dark chocolate buttercream