Sprinkles Frost-A-Roos comes with three cookies and three frosting shots


Frost-A-Foos combines two of your favorite Sprinkles treats – cookies & frosting. Dip the cookies into your favorite Sprinkles frosting for a delicious dessert!

First you break off a piece of cookie, then you dunk it into the frosting! Sprinkles’ Frost-A-Roos is a twist on the classic kid’s snack, Dunk-A-Roos. *Each pack comes with 3 freshly baked cookies—1 chocolate chip, 1 double chocolate, and 1 salted oatmeal cornflake, and 3 frosting shots—1 cream cheese, 1 dark chocolate, and 1 salty caramel cream cheese.

Warning: Frost-A-Roos will bring the inner child out in you!