Sprinkles Perks Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I join Sprinkles Perks?
    1. NEW Order on-the-go through the Sprinkles App or Sprinkles Now
    2. NEW Get points for every dollar spent – $1 =5 points
    3. NEW Earn rewards on all purchases including our retail items like cupcake towers, beeswax candles, and cupcake mixes
    4. Earn a free cupcake, cookie, brownie or scoop of ice cream for every 300 points you earn



  • How do I earn points for Sprinkles purchases? There are three ways to earn rewards
    1. Download the Sprinkles app (via the App Store or Google Play), create your user account, and starting purchases cupcakes, cookies, and brownies.
    2. Create a Perks account when placing an order through Sprinkles Now and start earning!
    3. Visit us at one of our 23 bakeries, give them your phone number at point of sale, and earn rewards for your purchase


  • NEW! Ways to Earn Points Now you can earn points on drinks, pupcakes and retail purchases. You cannot earn points on gift cards or ATM purchases.


  • What will happen with my existing progress and rewards? Beginning August 6, any existing points you have will be converted to the new point system. You will not lose any points. At this time, you will also begin building accumulative points; this gives you the opportunity to gain status two ways.


  • How do I gain status? There are now two ways to get to the next tier –visits or accumulative points. Every time you visit Sprinkles or make a purchase for delivery or pick-up, you will earn 1 visit, plus points for your purchases. Sprinkles will keep track of your annual points – if you reach 1,750 accumulative points you become Dark Chocolate; if you reach 4,000 accumulative points you become Red Velvet.


  • Will I lose my status? No, everyone will keep their current status for 2019, and that they may have earned for 2020. There is a chance that you could gain status over night if you are vanilla with 8 visits. This would mean that beginning August 6, you would become Dark Chocolate for the rest of 2019 and all of 2020. Beginning in January of 2020, you would need to visit and make purchases to maintain your status for 2021.


  • What happens to my accumulative points & visits at the start of each year? These will both reset to zero at the beginning of a new year. You will then need to visit and make purchases throughout the new year in order to maintain your status or gain new status.


  • How can I redeem my Perks? Sprinkles Perks can be redeemed at any Sprinkles bakery or through the Sprinkles app and Sprinkles Now.


  • How long do I have to earn and redeem my perks?
    1. Birthday Perk – this is loaded the Wednesday before your birthday and you have 30 days to redeem
    2. Sprinkles Perk – you have 30 days to redeem this Perk
    3. Other Perks Offers – redemption timeframes will vary


  • How long does it take for my perks to appear in my account? If you make a purchase in the bakery, Sprinkles App or on Sprinkles Now, you will receive your points at the time of your visit/purchase. If you make a purchase on Sprinkles DYO, you will receive your points 7 days after your order is fulfilled.


  • The NEW Points Tracker! Our NEW points tracker makes it fun to track your points to your next free perk! Once you earn 300 points, you will receive a free perk. The tracker will set back to zero so that you can continue to add new free rewards. To see your yearly accumulative points, visit your Perks Account.