Gift Card FAQ

Sprinkles Gift Card Cash Redemption Program
Click here to submit your request to cash out the remaining balance on your gift card.  Please make sure to review the FAQ's below prior to submitting your request to confirm eligibility.


How can I check the balance of my Sprinkles Gift Card?
To check the balance of your gift card, please visit 

What does the balance of my gift card need to be in order to submit a request?
The balance of your gift card must be $9.99 or less for California card holders in order to submit a request. 

How long will it take to receive my check?
Once you have submitted your request and the required information, you will receive your check within 7-10 business days.

What happens if I submit a request and the balance of my gift card changes?
Any pending or future transactions on your gift card may change the amount or eligibility of your cash redemption.  Checks will only be sent for gift cards with qualifying amounts meeting the requirements.

Am I able to redeem my gift card for a check if I live in a state other than California?
Not all states qualify for gift card cash redemption.  Please email our customer service at to see if you live in an eligible state.

Am I able to redeem my gift card for National Ship Orders? 

At this time, our Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for National Ship orders.