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Sprinkles Lubbock offers pickup and delivery

8004 Quaker Ave., Suite C
Lubbock, TX. 79424
United States

(806) 816-0001
This location sells cupcakes. This location sells mini-cupcakes. This location sells cookies. This location sells layered cakes. This location has a cupcake ATM.

Bakery hours:
Closed for Easter
Mon - Thur: 10am-8pm
Fri & Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: 10am-7pm

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Our latest Sprinkles bakery is now open right in the heart of Lubbock, TX! We bake our treats in small batches every day to ensure they're always fresh, using only the best, premium ingredients. Our menu has something for everyone - from cupcakes and mini cupcakes to layer cakes, cookies, and brownies. Looking for something special? Try our unique twists on the classic red velvet cupcake, including gluten-friendly, vegan, and sugar-free options. Whether it's a special celebration or a little daily indulgence, Sprinkles is your go-to spot for delicious treats. Plus, our bakery ATM in Lubbock is ready to serve you cupcakes 24/7. Sweetness awaits any time you desire! Back to Locations
Cupcake ATMCupcake ATM

Craving Sprinkles after hours? Check out our ATM, the World's First Cupcake ATM, which dispenses freshly baked cupcakes and cookies 24/7.