National Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions about National Shipping.


How do I order cupcakes to be shipped?

  • Visit Sprinkles DYO to place your order (national shipping is not available through Sprinkles NOW or Sprinkles App). Look for the airplane that says national shipping and start placing your order!
  • Select the day you want cupcakes to arrive, not the day you want it to ship.
  • If date is full, the system will provide the next available date.


I don’t see my preferred date available, why?

  • We bake fresh daily and have limited quantities available and often sell out.
  • If the date you selected is full, the system will provide a prompt with the next available date.


Can I put in multiple orders at once?

  • Yes, we can help you with this! Please call our team at (888) 220-2210


Where do you ship your cupcakes?

  • We currently only ship within the continental U.S. (not available in Alaska or Hawaii).
  • Not available for delivery on Sunday or Monday.


Do you offer internationally shipping?

  • Not at this time, we’ll keep you posted!


When will my delivery arrive?

  • Deliveries will arrive by 3pm (local time) to most US addresses, 4:30pm to rural locations, and by 8pm to residences.


Do I have to be home to receive my order?

  • No, but we encourage all guests to ensure cupcakes are brought inside as soon as possible. (Note: There is an option when ordering to have someone sign upon delivery, but it isn’t required.)
  • Guests will receive a tracking number, which will be emailed separately. Tracking information is not part of the initial order confirmation. 
  • Fed Ex will send an email confirming delivery has arrived. The email is sent the email you provided during ordering.


I’m sending this as a gift, can I include a gift note?

  • Yes, you will be prompted to include a gift note when you place your order.


Will there be a receipt on the box?

  • No, there will not be a receipt in the box that is being shipped (perfect for gifting!).
  • Your receipt will be emailed to you at the time of purchase, and a confirmation will be sent to you at the time of delivery.


Are these the same cupcakes I get in the bakery?

  • Yes, we ship the same cupcakes that you get in our bakeries.


How do I know which cupcakes are which flavors?

  • You will receive a care card inside your box, which includes a guide on flavors.


Can I customize my flavors?

  • Not at this time, but we’ll keep you posted!


Are dietaries available?

  • Not at this time, but we’ll keep you posted!


How do I thaw my cupcakes?

  • Cupcakes should sit at room temperature approximately 1-2 hours


Why is there condensation on my cupcakes?

  • This is completely normal as cupcakes start to thaw!


Can I refreeze my cupcakes?

  • Our cupcakes are best enjoyed day of. They should be stored at room temperature inside the box they come in (excluding the shipping box).


Why can’t I freeze your cupcakes from bakery if you ship your cupcakes frozen?

  • Our national shipping cupcakes go through a unique commercial flash freezing process to lock in freshness. This is NOT the same as placing your cupcakes in a home freezer. Please store your cupcakes at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.


Why are the modern dots not on my cupcakes?

  • Our signature modern dots are extra delicate, so we included them in a separate package inside your shipment
  • Upon thawing, the modern dots can easily be placed on each of the cupcakes 


What do I if my cupcakes are damaged?


Where are your cupcakes shipped from?

  • All of our National Shipping orders are baked fresh, hand frosted and then flash frozen and shipped from our bakery production center in New York.


Can I get Perks points?

  • No, at this time cupcakes that are shipped are not be eligible for Perks points.


Can I redeem cupcake comp codes or Perks rewards?

  • No, currently this item is not eligible to be redeemed with comp codes or Perks rewards.


Do you have any discounts available?

  • No, not at this time.


Is the packaging recyclable?

  • At Sprinkles, we use packaging made from recyclable materials and/or can be recycled wherever possible.
  • In bakery, all our boxes, inserts, and bags are made from recycled materials. 
  • For national shipping:
    • our boxes are made from recyclable materials and can be recycled;
    • our plastic inserts contain up to 75% recycled material and can be recycled;
    • our ice packs are reusable, but not recyclable; and
    • our plastic bags are recyclable.