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Pick up or deliver an indulgence that's hancrafted fresh every day with the finest ingredients from around the globe. Hungry yet?


No matter what trick or treating looks like this year, Sprinkles is here to help you celebrate! Select from one of our Halloween themed at-home-kits, BOO Boxes or NEW! Basic Witch Red Velvet by Fancy Sprinkles.

VOTE Offerings

We believe in you sharing your voice and fiercely exercising your right to vote. To honor this year’s election, we are offering a variety of sweet treats.


From the iconic swirl and modern dot to the specially sourced ingredients, our cupcakes are the definition of quality. Whatever the event, you’ll definitely want to savor these beauties. 

Cookies & Brownies

We can honestly say our cookies and brownies reach a new level of confection perfection. Hand rolled and baked just right, the result is a perfectly crisp outer shell with a tender chewy interior.

Layer Cakes

Turn any of our cupcakes into a layer cake. We offer a 4-layer 6" cake and a 3-layer 8" cake, sure to add that wow factor to any party. *Available at select bakeries


Whether you're looking for something to do with friends or throwing a birthday party, our NEW! DYO & BYO-TO-GO Kits are perfect for any occasion.


What could be sweeter than cupcakes on your birthday? Select from our specially curated boxes to help you celebrate your day!

Message Boxes

Say it with Sprinkles! Our stylish & modern dozen and gift boxes make the perfect addition and sentiment no matter what the occasion.

Assorted Boxes

Can't decide what to get? Try our assorted dozen or bake box and enjoy all our favorites!

Mini Cupcakes

Want to turn your favorite cupcake into a mini? Place an order in advance and we'll bake them up. Please note there is an order minimum for minis.

Retail & Party Items

Sprinkles cupcakes are perfect for any occasion. Need a cupcake tower to display your cupcakes, we have them!


Treat your dog to a pupcake. After all, dogs like cupcakes too!

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